jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2016

Interculturality Reloaded: the movie!

Already available the movie of our youth exchange! click on the image and enjoy it :) You can also watch the video of the exchange final performance by entering on the section of results of this site.

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

Final day of the project :(

The final day of the project was focused on its evaluation and also on promoting future youth initiatives among participants. The morning was used to run several teambuilding exercises and prepare the participants to the main activity of the day: a workshop about youth initiatives management. Thanks to this activity, they learnt about the main points to be considered to develop a youth transnational project (Logistics, participant selection, funding, etc.) and how they can be funded by the Erasmus+ programme. After that, and divided in groups, they worked on creating new project ideas for young participants and focused on youth education and integration. After a while cooperating with the support of their youth leaders when needed, participants showed the results of their work and explored the potential of their ideas in order to be implemented on the future together and within the Erasmus+ programme.

The end of the day was closed by implementing a workshop about the Youthpass certificate and on which participants learnt the eight key competences, how to obtain the document and use it. Furthermore, all received an special diploma as a memory of the project and their participation on it. As final activity of the exchange, an evaluation was made by all the participants by using both: non-formal techniques and paper forms. It was used to measure the success of the project, level of satisfaction of the participants with it and discover if the expectations showed by them on the first day of the exchange were fulfilled. The excellent results motivated them to continue with future initiatives and certified the good implementation of this transnational adventure.


sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

The final performance arrived!

Today the group moved to Logroño (capital city of La Rioja) in order to implement the final performance of the exchange that was prepared by all the group during the previous days.

Once the group arrived to Logroño, all the participants visited the city centre of Logroño in order to be hosted on the Instituto Riojano de la Juventud (government delegation of the Erasmus+ programme of the region). There, the local authorities and media welcome them through an official reception that was also used to introduce the public performance of the afternoon.

After some time to discover the city and a lunch on its centre, the group move the the theatre schools of ON&OFF in order to continue with the rehearsals and be prepared for the performance. After a couple of hours of exercises and meetings to check all the logistics, the group left the school to run the most important activity of the project. The event took place on the biggest street of Logroño (Gran Vía Juan Carlos I) and cover a distance of 600 metres. On this space, and walking in a line, participants simulate intercultural encounters using umbrellas and their own bodies to symboilize what happens when two different cultures crash. 

The event had the expected impact on the pedestrians who admired and enjoyed surprised how participants developed their encounters and attracted them to the main square of the city (El Espolón) by singing “Imagine” (John Lennon), on which the whole group made a small concert for the local population. The success of the day was celebrated back in Ezcaray through a relaxing night with all the participants in the hostel.

You can see all the photos of the performance in our Facebook group.